Santa Fe United Sports Regulations

Assistance and punctuality in practice

  1. All players will have a tolerance of 10 minutes to present for practice. If they exempt such tolerance without a justified cause, they may be excluded from training or not be aligned in the next match.
  2. Attendance and punctuality will be a determining factor to align in each match.

Sports Uniform

  1. All players must be ready in full uniform and gear before game time.
  2. In practice, players are required to have full gear to practice the sport of soccer: jeans, hats or non-sport gear will not be allowed in practice.
  3. Players who don’t follow this rule will not be allowed to play or practice.

Assistance and Punctuality at Games

  1. Arrive 15 minutes before each game time or else the player will be affected in the minutes of the scheduled game.
  2. All players must present themselves in their full uniform as their corresponding equipment (soccer shoes, shin guards, gloves, etc.).


  1. It is NOT allowed to protest what the coach’s decisions are in practice or during the game.
  2. Show respect and collaboration with the team’s players both on and off the court.
  3. Show respect to the game rules, adversaries, referees and everyone on and off the court.

Reasons for Getting Suspended or Expelled from the Team

  1. Lack of respect towards team mates, adversaries, parents, referees and other coaches
  2. Missing 3 games without any explanation will be subject to termination from the team.