Gabe Rippel: President 

Gabe was born and raised in Santa Fe and grew up playing soccer as a child. Gabe is the owner of Rippel Metal, a custom metal fabrication business. With Gabe’s niche for starting up a business, it’s no wonder why he and Shane Woods wanted to start a soccer club. In his spare time, you’ll find Gabe on the sidelines cheering on his son, Kairil, who plays right wing for the Santa Fe United FC Strikers.

Shane Woods: Vice President

Shane is owner of Woods Design Builders, a business that builds customers their dream home. Shane’s competitive nature spreads throughout the game of soccer and the club that he formed with Gabe Rippel. Shane is an inspiration and philanthropist who is always contributing his time and monetary donations to education and sports in the Santa Fe community. You can always find Shane running up and down the field cheering on his son, Ashton, who plays mid-field for the Santa Fe United FC Strikers.

Wilian Galdamez: Head Coach

Wilian is a native of El Salvador. Playing soccer has been part of his life for longer than he can remember. Coaching the youth and sharing his passion for the game has been his lifelong dream. 

Daniel Trejo: Assistant Coach

Soccer is at the core of what drives Daniel on a daily basis. Coaching his sons’ teams has made Daniel an integral leader in the soccer community. Daniel is the assistant coach for the Santa Fe United FC Strikers where his son Dylan plays defense. His dedication to the game and his family radiates throughout the club.

Natasha Rippel: Treasurer

Natasha has been in the financial industry for over 18 years. She was born in Montgomery, Alabama and started first grade in Santa Fe. She loves to travel with her husband and two children. Both of her children love playing soccer and want to bring more awareness to their community.

Omar Reyes: Organizer/Trustee

Omar grew up playing soccer as a child and still plays on a men’s league today. His love for the game has been passed on to his son, Damien, who now plays for Santa Fe United FC, home of the Strikers. Omar loves spreading his passion for the game onto the children of Santa Fe.

Erika Reyes: Trustee

Erika is a dedicated mom to two children (one of whom plays for the Santa Fe United FC Strikers), a business owner and an avid soccer supporter. It is not uncommon to find her son Damien playing soccer inside her business, Paleteria Oasis. Her natural instincts as a leader aide Santa Fe United FC to be a diverse and inclusive organization.